The Main Room

Main Room

Strawberry Patch Nursery has a very large main room with lots of smaller areas incorporated for children to explore, discover, learn and develop the skills they need for life. This room caters for pre school aged children.

Main Room

The Sensory Room

Sensory Room

Our main room staff are:

  • Emmasenco/behaviour management, safe guarding children officer, Equality coordinator
  • Debz – Deputy manager, Tapestry coordinator, Equality coordinator
  • Ellen – Main room leader, forest schools assistant
  • Jess – Main room leader, music and movement coordinator
  • Becky L – Outdoors coordinator
  • Jodie J – Early years practitioner
  • Ellie – Early years practitioner
  • Liz – Early years practitioner
  • LaurenEarly years practitioner
  • Bex – Early years practitioner (maternity)


Our staff have recognised qualifications in childcare. We have a strong team of experienced staff who vary in ages. Some have been with the nursery either a number of years or since we opened in 2003.
We always work on a high ratio with the Manager and Day manager supernumerary and at least one student in on every day.

Ratio for 2 yrs and 3 yrs is 1 Adult to 4 Children
Ratio for 4 yrs and above is 1 Adult to 8 Children

Main Room Play