Orchard Friends

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What is Orchard Friends?

Orchard Friends is an area of woodland, meadow or part of school grounds that can be used as an outdoor classroom. It is a natural area that allows children to explore, discover and investigate their outdoor environment, build dens, make mobiles and picture frames using natural resources the list is endless.

The history…

Forest SchoolOrchard Friends follows the ethos of Forest Schools which originates from Sweden in the 1950’s, where it still continues today. It came over to Britain in the mid 90’s when two nursery nurses from Somerset brought the ethos over after spending time at a Danish nursery.

The 1990’s emphasised the importance of outdoor learning, play and looking at a child’s all round holistic development There is a strong belief that nature and movement are essential to a child’s development and overall wellbeing. The aim is to support children’s social, physical and learning skills whilst they learn how to appreciate and respect the environment they live in.

Strawberry Patch already has two Level 1 Forest School Educators and will be undertaking Level 3 Training this year, enabling us to lead Forest School sessions.

Orchard Friends Ethos

Orchard Friends provides an encouraging and inspiring environment where children can learn using all their senses to explore and investigate the world around them, where they can grow in self esteem, worth, independence and confidence.

Forest School

“The adults role is to be a positive role model to the children and to observe their learning which can then be developed further.” (Vygotsky ZPD)

Forest School