Tapestry Online Learning Journal



Here at The Strawberry Patch Nursery and Pre-School we use Tapestry as a fantastic way to record and share your child’s individual learning journey whilst they are with us. It is a user-friendly, easy to use and most importantly secure way to help us to share with you your child’s time in nursery, to communicate your child’s development goals and achievements and for you to share pictures from your family time outside the nursery.

Tapestry helps staff and parents/carers to build a fantastic record of the child’s experiences, development and learning throughout their time at the nursery. Our staff use photos and videos to create observations that share the child’s nursery life and developments with parents/carers.

Tapestry is a secure platform and all information held in the platform is stored securely, and can be downloaded and shared as required with those who have permission to access the child’s journey – key staff, parents/carers and grandparents for example.

Tapestry is an exceptional communication tool that we use between staff and parents/carers to share the development and learning of the child both in nursery and at home and it enables us to have another way to build communication with families and to share key development information in an effective way.

When a child comes to move on to school, the Tapestry can be transferred to the school and continue to be added to or it can be downloaded to a memory stick as a keepsake for the parents/carers and then deleted from the platform to ensure data is only kept in line with Data Protection laws and guidance.

Here at The Strawberry Patch Nursery & Pre-School we use Tapestry in our Transitional Room, Main Room and Pre-School. In our Baby Room we have home link books that go home each day with parents/carers and learning books that the staff lovingly update with pictures and comments.

Please see our Tapestry Guide and Tapestry Consent Form in our Policies section for further information.